Jogging in the IOR park

After 1:30h of jogging in IOR

For several weeks already, the RO Club Marathon members are present each Sunday, at 10:00, in IOR park, doing a group training.

This was the second time I joined them and it was fun.

Last Sunday we ran for 1h30 (5 full circuits around the lake).


During summer time, the run starts at 09:00, from the church parking lot.


The Mera Peak, 6467m

Mera North summit, 6467 m

On 24 Oct. 2009, early in the morning, at around 08:20, I reached a new personal height record of 6467m (according to my GPS logger), by climbing Mera Peak in Himalaya, a few kilometers south of Everest (the highest peak on the left side of the picture, behind the Nuptse ridge).

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