Movie: “Inception”, with Leonardo DiCaprio

inceptionInception” was an intriguing experience, exploring the concept of lucid dreams, or the ability of a trained mind to maintain consciousness when passing between dreams and reality. Embedded dreams are possible, even at multiple levels, and the only way to return to the previous level is by death. Several people can share a common dream using a Dream Share device. Villains can use this powerful ability to infiltrate the victim’s mind and extract corporate information.
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Hiking: The Cerna Valley (Valea Cernei), 6-9 May, 2010

The Domogled National Park

During 6-9 May, 2010, in an extended weekend, the mountaineering club Floarea de Colț organised a great trip to Valea Cernei, Jud. Caraș-Severin.

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Movie: ‘Robin Hood’, with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett

The new “Robin Hood” was a nice surprise, for rather showing a piece of the troubled English medieval history than the usual ‘stealing from the rich to give to the poor’ cliché. Taking place before the popular legend really begins, “Robin Hood” starts at the end of the Crusades of King Richard the Lionhearted and ends right after King John decrees Robin as an outlaw.

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Jogging in the IOR park

After 1:30h of jogging in IOR

For several weeks already, the RO Club Marathon members are present each Sunday, at 10:00, in IOR park, doing a group training.

This was the second time I joined them and it was fun.

Last Sunday we ran for 1h30 (5 full circuits around the lake).


During summer time, the run starts at 09:00, from the church parking lot.

The Mera Peak, 6467m

Mera North summit, 6467 m

On 24 Oct. 2009, early in the morning, at around 08:20, I reached a new personal height record of 6467m (according to my GPS logger), by climbing Mera Peak in Himalaya, a few kilometers south of Everest (the highest peak on the left side of the picture, behind the Nuptse ridge).

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